The eating disorders

The Eating Disorders (ED) are psychological disorders in which there is an alteration in the eating behaviour, mainly as a result of the dramatic attempts patients make to control their weight and their bodies.

The ED can produce serious consequences, both physical and psychological, not only for the people who experience them, but also for their families and loved ones. Specifically, anorexia nervosa can lead to death in 10% of the cases, and a fourth of the people affected remain in a situation of chronicity. In the case of bulimia nervosa, the continuous behaviours of binge-eating, vomiting and other purges produce an important physical risk for the individual. Moreover, in both disorders, there can be serious deterioration in the emotional, social, work and family areas.

In addition, obesity is also a public health problem that has been described as the “epidemic of the century”, above all due to the risk of developing serious physical illnesses.  But it is in children and adolescents where the problem becomes more serious because, if their habits are not corrected in time, there is a high probability that the overweight or obese while will become an obese adult.


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