Therapeutic activities and interventions

The PREVI clinical team systematically performs different group treatments and specific workshops for the ED, complementing the individual treatment with other types of interventions that these patients may need at different points in the process. Below, there is a description of the main therapeutic interventions and activities carried out in the PREVI.

1. Individual psychotherapy.

2. Group therapy for family members.

3. Group psychotherapy.

- Psycho-education Group Therapy.

- Body Image Therapy.

- Mindfulness.

- Problem-solving Group Therapy.

- Emotional Expression Group Therapy.

- Training in Social Skills.

- Collage.

- Assertiveness Training.

- Positive Psychology Group.

- Preparation for Weekends and Holidays.



  • Nutrition workshop.
  • Workshop to “learn to eat”/create menus.
  • Art Therapy Group.
  • Body Expression Workshop
  • Controlled physical exercise workshops.
  • Relaxation.
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Workshop on Dominance and Pleasure.
  • One-to-one sessions of nutritional review.
  • Lunchroom activity: eating in a group.
    • Thematic workshops.
    • “Outdoor” Workshops Talleres “de actividades puertas afuera”.
  • Activities

5. Reinsertion Programme: People with ED often have difficulties with coping with the problems that arise in everyday life. One of the most critical stages occurs right after the admissions, when patients have to go on with their lives. When they see the great impact the disease has caused in their lives, the possibility of relapse is greater. For this reason, the PREVI clinical team has a figure with special relevance, the “social educator” and the “social worker”, who intervene in the reinsertion phase of patients with ED.


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