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The theoretical training is presented completely ONLINE over a 12-month period by professors at the University of Valencia, Jaume I University in Castellón, the University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and other Spanish and foreign universities, as well as by specialized clinicians from the Previ Clinical Centre in Spain and the Aiglé Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The characteristics of the online master’s degree and diplomas are quite similar to those of the traditional format, but with all the advantages of distance education. Each of the students is directed by a tutor who acts as a guide in his/her theoretical and practical orientation. Regarding the ONLINE methodology, the course subjects are activated weekly, and the student can read at his/her own speed. The students and professors communicate daily through the forum. The theoretical topics are complemented by practical cases, which are later debated in a clinical session format.

The practical training is optional and free-of-charge. The people who wish to complete the theoretical preparation with practical training are given the opportunity to find out about the functioning of the different treatment facilities (Day Clinic, Residential Unit and Outpatient Therapy). The rotation is supervised by specialist clinical psychologists from the Previ Clinical Centre in Spain (Valencia, Castellón and Alicante) or the Aiglé Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The objective is for the students to know the different forms of patient intervention through the Clinical Sessions, Group Therapies, Family Therapy, Workshops, etc.

After finishing the practical training period, the students obtain a “Specialized Training Programme” Diploma, accredited by the PREVI Personality Disorders Unit.

  • Previ in Spain (Valencia, Castellón and Alicante)
  • Aiglé Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina




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