Talk to me

This is a treatment programme to help people who are afraid to speak in public. The programme uses interactive videos of real audiences, simulating a large number of real scenarios. Thus, a patient can be exposed to and practice any situation that he/she finds threatening.


Talk to me has an evaluation protocol that makes it possible to evaluate each person’s situation in an individualized way. The programme uses self-help materials, where the patient can face diverse situations, obtaining continuous feedback, and whose difficulty increases as they are overcome. The programme’s structure includes psycho-education, cognitive restructuring, exposure and homework. After each session, the patient must respond to a series of questions in order to move forward. The simulated exposure sessions form the main part of the programme, and they require the patient to speak in different scenarios: a class, an oral exam, a work meeting, and with a group of friends. Different modulators are also taken into account, such as the number of people involved, the gender, etc. The data indicate that the Talk to Me programme used in a self-applied format is as effective as when it is administered by a therapist, and that the changes are maintained at the one-year follow-up (Botella, Guillen, García-Palacios, Gallego, Baños, & Alcañiz, 2007; Botella, Gallego, García-Palacios, Guillen, Baños, Quero & Alcaniz, 2010, Botella, Hofmann, & Moscovitch, 2004).


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