The eating disorders

Process of attention to patients

To carry out the evaluation, diagnosis and decision-making about the most appropriate type of intervention for the patients, the following process is followed: 

1º.- Evaluation and Diagnosis.

-       Psychological evaluation

-       Psychometric tests

-       Endocrinal and nutritional evaluation

-       Nursing evaluation

2.- Decision about the type of intervention.

The multidisciplinary team proposes the most appropriate type of intervention for each case according to the diagnosis and current state of the illness.

3.- Feedback Interview: In this interview, the family member is given feedback containing information the diagnosis, prognosis and type of intervention considered most appropriate in each case.

4.- Admission protocol: The admissions are programmed and voluntary. Depending on the diagnosis, the clinical team proposes the most suitable type of intervention for each patient, as well as the most appropriate facilities to perform the treatment (outpatient therapy, clinic, Residential Unit). This decision is made following the guidelines of the Practice guideline for the treatment of patients with eating disorders (APA, 2000).

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