Behavior Disorders

Attention and evaluation process

Children and adolescents are in a continuous period of learning and throughout this process numerous fear, insecurities and other problems can appear that at times parents or teachers do not know how to resolve or are not able to do so. Many of them are usually considered “developmental problems”, that is, problems that with a little support and attention from the parents are gradually solved without the need for professional intervention.


In the cases in which the problems or anomalous conducts are repeated and interfere in the social, emotional and cognitive development of the child or adolescent, the help of an expert professional can be quite beneficial for evaluating whether psychological treatment is advisable or not.




The general functioning of the PREVI clinical team is the following. An appointment is made with the family to evaluate the problem presented by the child or adolescent. Once this has been done, the parents are told whether the child presents a problem that requires psychological treatment or not. In the cases where the child needs treatment, the parents (or caregivers of the minor) are informed of the diagnosis and what the treatment will consist of, and if they agree, the treatment process begins.


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