In light of the increase in psychological problems in childhood and adolescence, and give the importance of timely intervention, PREVI carries out an intense activity in both areas. To do so, the team of professionals periodically organizes Prevention Workshops. These are informative workshops for parents and teachers to help in the “detection and management” of different psychological problems in the moments when intervention is most feasible. The workshops have been carried out in more than 180 public, private and subsidized schools in the Valencian Region:

The workshops have a double objective: first, to try to prevent the appearance of psychological disorders, generating prevention programmes that favour the reduction in the vulnerability of the population to the possible risk factors; and second to intervene in order to achieve the early detection of possible cases so that we can guarantee therapeutic success as much as possible by reducing the time between the diagnosis and the initiation of treatment.


  • “How to help my child to behave well”


  • “How to help my child to behave well”:
  • “How to prevent bullying in school”:
  • “How to prevent Childhood Obesity”:

Eating Disorders:

a) Students

b) Parents and teachers


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